Bringing project visibility to our team of industry leaders and experts at kick-off quickly introduces strategic input and direction at the earliest phases of project planning. Expert direction at this early phase sets the course for quality, effectiveness, and speed of delivery.

Our experienced contract administration team brings new standards of consistency to contract and project administration activities. This team also maintains awareness of special project requirements to assure full performance to expectations.

Each new project is visible to the entire estimating team and assigned to a representative with relevant customer and project experience and expertise. Whole team visibility assures constant monitoring and support resources.

With more complex projects, a team project coordination meeting is held with the project Account Executive (AE), the Project Manager (PM), and the Installation Service Manager (ISM). This up-front collaborative coordination assures alignment on key objectives and requirements from beginning to end.

Pre-Mobilization monitoring assures project conditions are optimal for project success. The Installation Service Manager (ISM) visits the project site and obtains key readings through certified providers. Once conditions are validated, project scheduling is confirmed and materials are delivered for acclimatization prior to installation.

Centrally generate work orders aligned with project management assure required tools and resources are on-hand when needed. This eliminates project delays associated with tool and resource delays, one of the most common issues across the commercial flooring industry.

Diverzify automated scheduling uses advanced algorithms to ensure project and site-specific requirements, including security, safety, and worker certifications, are identified and satisfied in advance with necessary documentation and personnel assignments.

Diverzify’s proprietary application, deployed on cell phones and tablets, provides easy in-the-field access to key project information and updates. Field personnel also use the app to schedule supplemental material orders and record project time and expenses in real time, eliminating reporting delays and errors.

Diverzify’s Digital Service Platform unites vast resources to project needs and overcomes common challenges.


Common Customer Challenges                                

Standard Experience Diverzify Difference
Consistent availability of workforce

Subcontracted labor

Largest self-performing workforce, coordinated  with centralized administration
Poor workmanship and defects Varied skill levels based on labor availability Trained and certified direct labor workforce
Inconsistent contractual agreements Multiple parties (product, labor, transportation, etc.) have separate contracts and administration

Single source advanced technology administration

Over extension of contractors Limited or inconsistent access to resources creates gaps across project commitments

Broad scale of direct resources assures availability

Safety and liability Inconsistent adherence to process and practice

Safety department assures processes and practices

Diverzify is attracting the top innovators in our industry and directing their expertise to solve client challenges with consistent, reliable results. This company – this team – is exciting to work with. The expertise matched with broad resources allows us to perform amazing work with consistent quality and reliability. I am honored and proud to be a part of this team!
Ellen Z., Branch Manager - Midwest