Mr. David’s is a certified member of the Installation Standards and Training Alliance, or INSTALL, which only certify the best capitalized, most professional contractors in North America. INSTALL guarantees the work of its certified contractors, which gives Mr. David’s clients an additional third party guarantee that their flooring installations will be a success.

From start to finish we will accommodate all of our clients’ flooring needs. A critical component to our success is our installation team. Our installers must pass through an extremely rigorous in-house training program augmented by a union apprenticeship program.

In order to become a master flooring mechanic at Mr. David’s Flooring, an installer must successfully pass our 10 year, in-house training program. Due to the extensive training background we require, we are confident in assuring our customers the top quality work in which we are renowned.

This intense training program along with other attributes and added services that benefit our customers include:

  • International Union Affiliation

  • Manufacturer Certified Installers

  • Experienced Field Supervision

Our commercial flooring products from an outstanding team of manufacturers enable Mr. David’s Flooring to meet the needs of every valued client. Maintaining strong and longtime relationships with these quality providers is key to our success. Manufacturers such as Atlas, Bentley, Mohawk, Mannington, Shaw, Gerflor, Milliken and Tandus, among others, have called upon Mr. David’s to complete projects that other commercial flooring contractors passed on as “too challenging” – at Mr. David’s, we relish unique and complex projects as our confidence in the work we produce, honed through many years of successful experience, serve us well as we meet any challenge with gusto and complete it with quality craftsmanship.

This attitude and the company culture throughout our organization have earned Mr. David’s Flooring the respect from flooring manufacturers around the world, along with many positive recommendations and awards.